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Technical Assistance

Technical and roadside assistance

Traveling by personal ground transportation has become an integral part of modern life.  This allows people to travel significant distances and reach destinations independently of public transportation.   In a globalized world people increasingly travel  hundreds and thousands of kilometers across international borders in their own or corporate transport.  It is obvious that vehicle breakdowns or road accidents may create more difficulties for a traveler than the same problems in their country of   residence.  Language barriers, lack of geographical knowledge, absence of information about local technical and roadside services and limited available funds can complicate common road situations. It can be hard for someone facing unexpected problems on the road in an unfamiliar environment to overcome the negative consequences of having to cope on their own.

Savitar Group is glad to announce that our clients will never walk alone in such unpleasant situations when traveling in Russia, Moscow, Ukraine, the Baltic States and other countries of the former Soviet Union. All they have to do is to call our 24/7 alarm center and wait for help to come soon.  Our wide technical network of workshops and towing services hand in hand with the effective work of out coordination center allows us to solve problems of any complexity and finding the optimal solution in the shortest possible time. Our abundant experience in organizing technical and road side assistance enables us to minimize the loss caused by unexpected technical problems for our clients’ business or leisure trips, providing them with the maximum possible level of comfort.

Savitar Group offers a wide range of roadside assistance services to help our clients find the best way of avoiding inconvenience in complicated situations:

  • Emergency repair service on road
  • Towing an inoperative vehicle to a workshop
  • Urgent search for an appropriate workshop
  • Quality control of repair works
  • Obtaining information and documents for a customer
  • Transportation of a broken vehicle to the owner’s permanent residence
  • Organization for the vehicle to be scrapped according to a local legal norms
  • Rental car or taxi arrangements
  • Searching, booking and payment of a hotel room
  • Searching, booking and purchase of airline, railway and other tickets
  • 24/7 monitoring of situation


Special machinery and truck assistance.

Direct cooperation with workshops and other technical providers throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, multilevel network of correspondents in Ukraine, Baltic States and CIS countries allows Savitar Group to provide technical and roadside assistance (in Moscow or Russia, and another countries) services of the highest quality anywhere in these states even in the most complicated and specific cases such as truck assistance in remote areas.  Extremely low or high temperatures, poor pavement quality and other uncontrollable factors often cause breakdowns not only for passenger cars but also for trucks delivering cargo for long distances. These vehicles always require special towing machinery and specialist repair workshops.   Dozens of tonnes of cargo also need to be delivered to a suitable parking place or some other destination point.

Savitar Group provides the following assistance services for trucks:

  • Towing of trucks for various distances
  • Transportation of large-tonnage cargo
  • Organization of repair for trucks and other special vehicles
  • Search and delivery of necessary spare parts
  • Hotel, tickets and other lifestyle arrangements

We have a large experience of technical, roadside and truck assistance in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic and CIS states of diverse difficulty levels:  organization of towing and repair of trucks in the remotest areas, transportation of broken vehicles for thousands kilometers across international borders, finding specialist workshops and spare parts for rare types of vehicles.

Our technical department is permanently developing new options and procedures.  We are open to new challenges.   We await whatever suggestions you have and are flexible enough to make your ideas come true.