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Cost containment and fraud assessment


Cost containment remains one of the top priority fields for Savitar Group actions.

In terms of the Russian Federation this sort of service remains highly specific and is sometimes a complicated procedure. While mainly being a support service for assistance cases cost containment shows rapid progress as a separate field of activity.

Most clients in cost containment are foreign corporates (Claims Handling Companies and Underwriters), who became victims of overstated prices and fraudulent claims.

We rely on the following principles of work:

  • Savitar Group’s reputation as a good payer among local providers
  • Pre-negotiated savings for direct billing agreements
  • Know-how in detecting and monitoring claims leakages
  • Obligatory medical assessment of claims under suspicion
  • Tendency to adhere to win-win dispute resolutions
  • Local know-how and constant updating of preferred and black-listed providers


Although the overall situation has changed for better, post-Soviet countries still remain a major and advantageous field for semi-legal medical organizations and fraudulent claims. 

Savitar Group team strives to perform in the best possible way when dealing with requests for assessment of documents.

Our core principles in fraud investigations are:

  • Always checking the legal status of a suspected fraudster – both legal and
  • physical entities;
  • Applying both medical and financial assessment of invoices from medical
  • facilities;
  • Using past history of relations with a suspected entity – if any available;
  • Studying the most common behavioral tendencies of fraudsters;
  • In case of doubt – addressing independent specialists for an expert opinion