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Evacuation and Repatriation



Russia and CIS countries occupy vast territories and numerous remote areas. In some cases the nearest adequate medical facility can be hundreds of kilometers away. In other cases it is not so far but it is necessary to transport the patient by 4x4 ground ambulance or by helicopter from a region which has no roads or from islands. There are many opportunities for outdoor tourism in CIS countries and a person may require medical attention while in the mountains of Tian-Shan or Kamchatka or deep in the Siberian forest or on board a river cruise ship. The logistics of evacuations in Russia and CIS countries are quite variable.

Savitar group has extensive experience in the transportation of injured or sick tourists to their country of residence. Our experience allows us to choose the best option for transporting patients and giving the patient the best solution within the shortest time.

Types of Medical Evacuation we are ready to provide:

  • Ground ambulance transportation.
  • Regular flight (in business class or economy class with extra-seat)
  • Air Ambulance
  • Helicopter /o:p>
  • Other types (ferryboat, train)

During a Multiple Medical Evacuation over a long distance and requiring different kinds of transport at various stages we can arrange hospital support for several hours at transit points.

Our team is ready to help you with the organization of:

  • Medical team escort (Doctor + nurse)
  • Doctor escort
  • Nurse escort
  • Non-medical escort (traveling support)
  • Support to any escorting person (spouse, children)

Our medical staff has plentiful experience in support of patients by regular flights or air ambulance on a bed-to-bed basis. After receiving an order we contact the primary hospital or doctor and perform an initial medical assessment to evaluate the options and the best type of transportation. On request, we can give a second opinion on the transportation options by evaluating the medical records from the hospital and consulting with the clinic where the patient is.   In some cases it is possible to arrange for a doctor to travel to see the patient and make his/her own conclusion on the patient’s condition according to the best international standards of aeromedical transportation. Based on the result we prepare a fit-to fly form.  Our medical staff has malpractice insurance.

We can arrange a patient’s transportation as soon as possible from anywhere in the world. While there are many legal and procedural restrictions for medical staff coming from abroad, Russian specialists do not necessarily require visa to enter CIS countries. This is a major factor that can positively influence the terms of evacuation.  Our doctors have open  visas to European countries, Canada, U.S.A. and can immediately fly to any destination in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Our in-house travel department also takes care of tickets, hotels, taxis, meals and other arrangements necessary to organize efficient and urgent transportation.

We work with leading companies on organizing air ambulances.  They have a wide range of specialist medical equipment and stretcher-modules for transporting patients with trauma or post-operative patients, vacuum mattresses, tires for the immobilization of limbs, oxygen equipment, means of resuscitation, as well as other specialist equipment.

 Our constant aim is to provide patients the best conditions as well as to minimize their expenses.