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Healthcare in Ukraine and Belarus

Medical facilities classification

Quality of state medical facilities in Ukraine is generally satisfactory. Large hospitals in big towns are able to accept and treat complex in-patients. Small and medium-type facilities might experience shortages of supplies. Customer service is at a low level. English-speaking staff are occasional – in big cities and in Black Sea ports.

Private medical centers are rather well-equipped, but tend to over-price the services and aggravate medical information. Real Western-type facilities are centered on Kiev and are just emerging on a market.

General health info

State Health Emergency Telephone is 103 /112 from cell. phone/ – this number can be dialed from any phone in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s health service is under-resourced and limited by Western European standards, so it’s important to be prepared. Bring extra supplies of any medication you are taking and familiarize you with the Latin name if it’s not on the label. In Ukraine this is often written in the Roman alphabet alongside any medicine’s local name. Although most Ukrainian hospitals now use disposable syringes, supplies can be short. Contact lens solution and spare contacts are now readily available in major cities. No vaccinations are mandatory to enter Ukraine, but it is recommended that your immunizations are current for diphtheria, polio, tetanus, and measles (Kiev experienced an outbreak in 2006). Those going hiking in summer should also consider shots against tick-borne encephalitis and rabies.