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Healthcare in Transcaucasian region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Transcaucasian region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Medical facilities classification

Quality of State medical facilities in Transcaucasian region is at a low to medium level. State financing shortages and lack of experience in world travel insurance system makes

Transcaucasia a complicated region for Healthcare Products servicing. For out-patient and simple in-patient care private medical facilities are strongly recommended. Complex in-patient

cases should be handled outside the region. English-speaking staff are available in several privately owned medical centers.

General health info

Public Emergency telephone is 103 for Armenia, 103 for Azerbaijan, 113 for Georgia.

Medical care in Transcaucasian region is extremely limited, especially outside the major cities. Hospitals and polyclinics have achieved much greater independence since the end of the Soviet

era, but private medical care has been slow to develop. The training of physicians is not comparable to that found in most Western countries. Hospitals suffer from outdated equipment

and insufficient supplies. It is recommended that your immunizations are current for diphtheria, polio, tetanus, and measles.