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Healthcare in Central Asia

Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Medical facilities classification

Quality of State medical facilities in Central Asia is at a low level. For out-patient and simple in-patient private medical facilities are strongly recommended. Complex in-patient cases should be handled outside the region. English-speaking staff are available in several privately owned medical centers.

General health info

Public Emergency telephone is 03 for Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan / 112 – for / 103 for Kazakhstan, Tajikistan & Kirgizstan /112 – for

Vaccinations from typhoid, hepatitis A and measles are strongly recommended. The general medical situation in the region is extremely complicated – the most update healthcare is found in what remains of the Soviet era facilities. The rest of the qualified medical centers were built by enthusiasts or tend only to serve the region’s diplomatic corps.