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Healthcare in Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Medical facilities classification

Quality of State medical facilities in Baltic States is at a level close to Western European. Large hospitals in big towns are able to accept and treat complex in-patients. Small and medium-type facilities have average-class equipment. Customer service is at a good level. English-speaking staff are occasional – in capitals and in ports.

Private medical centers are well-equipped, General Practitioner Cabinets are available.

General health info

Public Emergency telephone is 112 for all the three states. This number can be dialed from any phone in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.

Medical care is limited but improving. There are a small number of private clinics that offer medical care almost comparable to that in the United States and Western Europe. EU citizens are entitled to emergency medical treatment if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their country of origin. Medical facilities are fair and there are plenty of doctors, but equipment and resources are sometimes lacking.

The only health risks associated with visiting Baltic region are for those intending to visit forested areas, which are advised to have inoculations against rabies and tick-borne encephalitis.